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A smile is a beautiful thing. That’s why our team at Progressive Orthodontic Associates have dedicated time and effort into making sure all of our patients are able to show off their teeth proudly. After all, life is too short to hide your smile!

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Our orthodontists in Gainesville and Lake City, FL, will also be transparent with you from the start. We’ll clearly lay out all treatment timelines in the beginning so you and anyone involved in your care know exactly what to expect. It’s never our intention to surprise or blindside you in any way.

Committed to a Comfortable Orthodontic Experience

Because every patient we treat is unique, no two plans are going to be identical. One individual may need progressive aligners to correct minimal crowding while another may have a severe bite issue that requires traditional metal braces.

Regardless of what suits you best, our orthodontists and staff want to give you a stress-free, comfortable, and rewarding experience. We’ll work with you and your family every time you’re in one of our North Central Florida orthodontic offices to ensure questions are answered and concerns are addressed.

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Equipped to Handle a Range of Dental Needs

Repositioning teeth and alleviating misaligned jaws is our job. From minor to more advanced cases, our team of orthodontists are prepared to do what’s needed to get your smile back on track. For example, we may place a Carriere® Distalizer™ to correct your bite without removing permanent teeth.

When it becomes clear at your initial consultation that one direction with regards to treatment is more favorable than another, we’ll communicate this immediately. Not everyone is the same so tailoring the treatment plan to you is key to producing beautiful, effective results.

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If you’re ready to achieve your dream smile, our Gainesville and Lake City, FL, orthodontists are here to help you get started. We have a range of treatment options to choose from and can find what works for you or your child. Call one of our Progressive Orthodontic Associates offices today or request an appointment online.

Meet the Doctors

Dr. Dawn Lozano Martin

There are a few things I am absolutely certain of and one of those is that smiles change lives for the better!

Dr. Ingrid de la Torre

Dr. Ingrid is truly a ray of sunshine and loves seeing the confidence that comes with a beautiful smile.

Dr. Michael Aguirre

Dr. Michael Aguirre works hard as an orthodontist and provides pro-bono work for local clinics.