What Sets Us Apart

Experience Matters

Progressive Orthodontic Associates opened its doors in 1975, when Dr. Jacobson first began practicing in Gainesville. Orthodontic treatment in Gainesville hasn’t been the same ever since.

As the only practice in the area to have an orthodontist involved with teaching and training orthodontic residents at the University of Florida Orthodontic Residency Program, we stay on the cutting edge of treatment technology and constantly incorporate the most state-of-the-art equipment into our offices. And most other orthodontists in the Gainesville area? Well, they learned under the direction of Dr. Jacobson.

So essentially, with Progressive Orthodontic Associates, you are being treated by one of the masters, and by far the most experienced orthodontists in the area.

What does that mean to you?

Safe to say, we’ve just about seen it all!  We are here to help and we know just how to proceed. We not only know the latest treatment options, we’re experienced in them and taught them.

Your comfort and convenience is our top priority. Even our staff can be called lifers! We have many team members who have been with us for more than ten and 20 years. Not many other offices can tout that kind of dedication and commitment.

With Progressive Orthodontic Associates, you will find the ONLY orthodontic practice in north central Florida with:

With three doctors and two locations for your convenience, why would you trust your smile to anyone else?

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